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We are proud to offer DJ's Allergies, a book that explains allergies to children of all ages in a way that they can understand. Written by Jennifer Ormond.

Written for readers age 1-6 years. 16 pages. Board book.

Meet DJ. There is something special about him, he has food allergies. Children with food allergies need to gain understanding as young as possible. Most children with food allergies will have to deal with them for the rest of their lives, so the younger they understand the better.

Food is something that is present everywhere and all the time. Family, friends, even strangers feel the need to offer children food. This is a nightmare for the parent of a child with food allergies. To constantly have to say no at birthday parties, play groups, school, anywhere that food is offered really is tough when the child doesn't grasp the concept.

"DJ s Allergies" explains to children of all ages how serious allergies are.