Our sales team has been working hard to get our products into stores across the United States. Check out our Store Locator Map to see what stores in your area carry Vermont Nut Free Chocolates.


Don't see a store near you?

If your favorite grocery store or small business is not yet listed, you may be able to change that! Next time you shop ask for the manager on shift and request Vermont Nut Free Chocolates by name, emphasizing your desire and need to buy our products at their store. We have found that when customers ask for our products directly, we are able to get into more locations. 

Let us know where you want to see our products, too! Send in your requests for stores and we will follow up with these stores directly and keep you updated through social media and e-newsletters when new stores bring in our products.

Email your recommendations to:


Are you looking to stock our products in your store?

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates offers a complete wholesale program to retailers. Head over to our "Wholesale" page for more information.