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Food Allergies and College

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We are proud to offer Food Allergies and College: Your Complete Planning Guide by Jan Hanson, M.A.

College and university practices that respond to the needs of students with food allergies will vary, sometimes significantly, from one institution to another. Knowing how to plan and evaluate is critical.

Written by a national food allergy educator, former college administrator, and parent of two sons who graduated from college with food allergies, this comprehensive guide will give you practical information about college services, step-by-step recommendations and tips for the most effective college planning throughout the process.

Worksheets provided in this book, developed by the author, will help guide you with your planning. You will learn strategies for your Plan of Action: How to search for the right colleges and universities that will be the best fit for you. How to make necessary arrangements before you arrive on campus, once you are admitted. How to live safely and fully so that you get the most out of your college experience.

Key elements covered include how to navigate: the dining hall, roommates, dating, parties, health services, studying abroad, and more. Insights and Perspectives shared by: Current and recently graduated college students with food allergies, College administrators from Dining, Housing, Health and Disability Services, medical and legal professionals, and expert food allergy advocates.

This will be an extraordinary time in your life, do all that you can to make it wonderful, rewarding, and safe. Get answers to your questions, and use this valuable resource to make this sometimes overwhelming process more effective and a little easier! If you are ready to make plans for college and have food allergies, or serious food restrictions, then this straightforward, easy to read book is required reading!