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Gourmet Milk Chocolate Confectioner Discs

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Our Gourmet Compound Discs are a creamy, smooth, high-quality melting wafer ideal for making your own molded candy treats or dipping your favorite foods. Similar in taste to a high quality chocolate and without any hydrogenated oils, our Compound Discs are easy to use. Simply melt and then spoon, pour, or dip!

Available in either a 2.5lb resealable bag or a 25 lb case.

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Also available in dark chocolate.

Gourmet Milk Confectioner Discs- Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Oils (Palm Kernel, Palm), Non Fat Milk, Whole Milk, Cocoa (processed with alkali), Lecithin (Soy), Vanilla (milk). Contains MILK and SOY. Packaged on shared equipment with WHEAT.

Our Gourmet Chocolate Confectioner Discs do not contain hydrogenated oil, so they melt at a higher temperature than other melts you may have worked with before. To get a smooth consistency, you will need to melt them using a double boiler. Bring the melts to a little above 100°F and keep them at a minimum of 95°F while you work.

Work as quickly as possible with the melted chocolate and immediately (within 45-60 seconds of being off the heat) put the molds or dipped items into the refrigerator or they will bloom. You may need to work in smaller batches so you can get your chocolate into the fridge within that time.

If your chocolate is brought to melting temperate and not reset correctly, it will cause fat bloom. While this bloom does not affect the taste of your chocolate and it is still fully edible, it will cause a dull white finish on the surface and sometimes throughout the chocolate. Fat bloom also causes the chocolate to lose its satisfying snap and shine.

While these discs are better tasting and better for you, than other melting chocolate, we understand they are a bit difficult to work with. Please reach out for any additional questions or advice on how to use our Gourmet Chocolate Confectioner Discs.