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Warm Weather Shipping Container & Ice Pack

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Chocolate is perishable and begins to melt at temperatures over 70°F. The inside of the delivery truck is much warmer than the outside air temperature and we want your order to arrive in excellent condition, so we handle warm weather shipping as follows:

When temperatures are at or above 70°F between Vermont and the destination of the package, an insulated styrofoam shipping container and gel ice pack are strongly recommended, at an additional charge of $6.25. We also suggest that you choose a shipping method that is three days or less to ensure your chocolates arrive in good condition. 

If you have items in your cart that will melt in high temperatures, you will receive a notification at checkout. If you decide to forgo the Warm Weather Shipping Container and Ice Pack, you are assuming the risk of your chocolate melting in transit and we will not refund or replace your damaged product.